What are you doing to advance your business?

The Emyth RevisitedIn the book, The E-Myth Revisited, the author, Michael Gerber, states that all business owners have 3 parts to our makeup:  the entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician. Some of us have strengths in each of these categories. The entrepreneur dreams big and has a lot of creativity, the manager develops organized systems to facilitate the best way to run the business, and the technician work in the business, doing the labor involved with building market share, etc.

Too much emphasis on one will hurt the others, and avoiding one will adversely affect the necessary but painful parts of successfully growing a business. I am primarily a manager/technician, and would rather work in my comfort zone of inspecting homes and doing things in an organized way. Meeting new people, expanding boundaries, starting new programs, and launching systematized follow up programs are all crucial to growing a business, but do not cater to my strengths or desires.

Networking with co-workers, gleaning information from success coaches, and leaning on employees that complement your strengths and weaknesses are all ways to help balance what may be a dominant trait in your personality that hinders your business growth.

What are you proactively doing to energize your business? What steps have you taken to force your real estate adventure into a business that works for you and doesn’t consume your life? Are you satisfied with the results and if not, what can you do to take it to the next level? Let us know what type of effort you are making to exist outside of your comfort zone and propel your business to heights you previously thought impossible to obtain.