Checklist for Home Maintenance

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Home Maintenance Checklist

Here are just a few suggestions for your home maintenance checklist:



  • Check the oil on the lawnmower and sharpen the blades – well-sharpened mower blades drastically reduce mowing time
  • Check and fill all gas cans for lawnmowers, etc.
  • Check for squeaky doors and oil them as needed
  • Check and clean range hood filters
  • Check and replace furnace filters
  • Check and replace other ventilation system filters
  • Check and replace humidifier filters
  • Remove grills on forced air system ducts and vacuum inside the ducts
  • Examine the foundation for any cracks
  • Examine exposed wood (attic, etc.) for insect damage and do any insect preventative maintenance that needs to happen
  • Test all ground fault circuit interrupters
  • Check all vents (inside and outside) and make sure there are no obstructions
  • Remove screens (repair if necessary) , clean window wells, and dry them (
  • Examine all outdoor items and see whether any seasonal maintenance needs to be done
  • Drain off a pan full of water from the clean-out valve at the bottom of your hot water tank (removes sediment and maintains efficiency). If you do not know how to do this, check out our video on our video resource page (
  • Check and test your sump pump for any issues
  • Test all fire/smoke/carbon monoxide detectors in the house
  • Check all window and door locks to ensure they’re all in working order ( ).
  • Check your fire escape plan and make sure that furniture additions haven’t changed this
  • Check all faucets for dripping water and change washers if needed
  • Run all sinks, toilets, baths, and showers to ensure no problems (mostly just the ones not used frequently)
  • Check the gauge on all fire extinguishers and replace if needed
  • Use a pipe cleaner and baking soda to clean all drains
  • Run your dishwasher through a cleaning cycle ( ).
  • Check all gutters for blockage and clean as needed (bird’s nests, leaves, etc.)
  • Check all visible pipes for leaks (don’t forget under sinks, etc.)
  • Check and clean refrigerator and freezer coils (we did this about once every six months, if I remember right) .
  • Check all caulking and repair as needed


home m.


Monthly Cleaning Checklist

This is a recommended checklist which may help keep your home fresh and clean. Check on a regular basis:


  • Clean all windows – remove the screens, clean the windowsills thoroughly as well as clean the windows thoroughly with a window cleaning solution (scub screens in Fall and again in the Spring)
  • Vacuum underall furniture – and vacuum all furniture, removing the cushions, etc.
  • Shampoo carpets as needed
  • Scrub all non-carpeted floors – cleaning and brush on your hands and knees or use a SHARK cleaning machine to steam the floors
  • Scour all sinks and tabletops
  • Sweep the garage floor
  • Grease the garage door hinges and any other parts recommended by your garage door company (at least twice a year)
  • Put anything unused into storage (we had an annual “go through the storage” event, too)
  • Inventory all food staples (pantry, freezer, etc.), throw out what’s old, make a master list, and go to the store to replace what’s needed
  • Completely clean out refrigerator, thoroughly clean inside, then restock


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